Two Ways to Prevent Paint Peeling on Lighting Fixture

How often when you driving past residential area, when you see paint peeling off poles, walls, lights fixtures? Does not look pretty right?

Whilst paint peeling on commercial and residential lighting fixtures can occur more in areas with high air salinity (Florida and areas near ocean)

It’s important to know that It is not main cause for paint peeling.

What if we told you that paint peeling is something that can be easily avoided, through the right choose of powder coating material and correct treatment process during production. If done properly, The light fixture’s paint should last 10 years or more without any discoloration or peeling.

But First, why do some LED LightingFixtures display paint peel more than the Other?

When commercial/residential lightingfixtures such as FloodlightsArea LightsWall packs are manufactured, especially The aluminum base Fixtures, generally prior to applying the Powder Coating process, a lot of Fixtures don’t go through the proper surface treatment of the aluminum or Metal Parts. As with a lot of these aluminum fixtures, during production there is generally a layer of dirt/oil/Aluminum scraps or other substances found on the surface of the parts, If you don’t remove these, when you apply PowderCoating onto the Fixture, the layer of substances between the Aluminum Metal Parts and the powder Coating, will prevent the Coating to become fully adhesive onto the these Parts.

Over Time, When Lighting Fixture is exposed to UV, combine with the coating not being fully adhesive onto the LightingFixture, it causes the Paint to become detached from the surface of the Fixture, causing the Paint to Peel.

By knowing this, This is why we takes this matter very serious, and go through additional steps on their Lighting Fixtures in preventing the Paint from Peeling over time. All of First Lighting Fixtures go through a process which we call Pre-treatment Process. This Process applied during the assembly of Fixture, where all the Aluminum/ Metal Parts prior to Coating Process, we place these parts into Pools of cleansing agent to remove any excess and unwanted dirt or oily substances from the surface. Doing that is not enough, we then move the parts into a pool of Zinc Phosphate, and what that does is it adds an additional icoated layer onto the Aluminum Parts, so that when you implement Powder Coating, it allows Coating to become fully adhesive onto the surface, increasing the durability of the Paint.

Furthermore, we choose only the Best PowderCoating, a high UV resistance Powder Coating, to ensure the longevity and prevent any discoloration over a long duration use (tested for hundreds of hours in our Lab).

Our Goal is to ensure the longevity in our lighting product, whether it be performance or aesthetic appearance, which is why when choosing Ascent Technology, you can feel confident knowing the process we go through in making our lights.



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