Surge Protection Device- What is it and why do we actually need it?

One of the most common lighting failures, is the surge spike resulting in driver IC in the fixture to get damaged. So how does surge spike occur and how can we prevent it from damaging our lighting fixtures?

Most of the time one of the most common occurrence is due to regional voltage in spike, causing a sudden spike in the current going through the electrical circuit in the area. If the electronics or the LED lighting fixture does not provide sufficient enough surge protection, you are looking at an early life failure for that product.

Known as a surge protector, it is an indispensable device for electronic equipment to protect against lightning or surges. The function of the surge protector is to use components such as gas discharge tubes or varistors to discharge the transient over voltages such as strong lightning or surge currents into the power or signal transmission lines into the earth, limiting the voltage range of the equipment or system within the range that can withstand, the protected equipment or system will not be damaged by the electric shock (voltage surge). It is very common for outdoor lighting driver to have build in minimum 4kV surge protection.

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