Three reasons why choosing aluminum work light, not plastic ones

With some construction work on job-sites, working the car in the garage, or simply a need to light up our Backyard, a work light comes in handy, but seeing so many different types in the market, how do you know what is the right one to choose and what to avoid?

 You might see a lot of work lights in home centers, with some with a lot of features and some just simply such low cost, we’ve compiled a few pointers when choosing work light to help you avoid stepping on potential landmines.

Aluminum vs Plastic-Which one to choose?

With more and more plastic housing work light in the market now. It offers a much more cost competitive solution. If you just want some temporary light source that does the job, and not looking to spend an arm and leg, simply buying a plastic work light is fine for you. However, there are few things you should remember:

1.    Plastic generally have a poorer dissipation than aluminum, therefore with some work light that offers up to 50-100W, plastic simply unable to dissipate such heat generated, meaning could cause early life failure. If a work light only runs about 10-20W(1000-1500lm) or so, there is not much heat generated from the LED therefore plastic is an acceptable option. However, if you are looking for some of those larger fixturesAluminum Die-Cast Housings offers optimal heat dissipation, to allow your fixture run for much Longer duration without overheating.

2.    If this work light have the chance to be left out in the sun for a longer duration, then plastic may not be the right choice. As plastic tends to become more fragile or easily crack after long period of UV exposure, having it in the sun doesn’t do too good for the product. Plastic also have a tendency to change color after a period of exposure to the sun. Aluminum work light on the other hand, do not have the issue of becoming more fragile after sun exposure.

3.    Plastic housings are generally made via plastic injection, where the plastic pallets from time to time can be recycled. Generally seeing the with lower cost plastic work light in the market, could correlate to poor quality plastic(higher percentage of recycled material) which in the long run, effects the quality and performance of the product as well.

For more heavy duty, long duration, high lumen application, it is still recommend to use aluminum Type work lights. Whilst from price aspect may be slightly higher than plastic, can guarantee in terms of durability it will last you a lot longer time.

Recommendation Work Light

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