LED Security Flood Light

Choosing the Right Floodlight-Three Tips You Should Know (1)

LED Security Flood Light
Internet has not only created abundance of convenience in today’s society, it has also created a lot of issues. With thousands of Floodlights over the counter and over several online platforms, how do you make the right choice in buying the right type of Floodlights?

Today we compiled 3 tips on which Lights are the best choice when browsing through online, what types are best for which application, and what types are best to avoid:

1.      Lowest Price doesn’t always mean the best

With the convenience of Amazon/Wallmart and many online platforms, which allows anyone to be able to offer LightingProducts, however from time to time, it will also mean a lot of these product have not gone through proper validation. This could mean not going through proper aging, thermal testing, and all these could contribute to early life failure, so buy looking for the cheap product could result in having to replace the product again in 2-3 years. If you are buying expendable products like torch etc, then it would not matter, but having products like a lighting fixture, for example: floodlights, where it requires a large amount of labor to install, then go with companies that know what they are doing.  With companies has been doing lighting for over 30 years now, we’ve experienced it all and know how to build quality lights, as well as conducting through the proper validation. A General Rule of thumb: when your dividing the Fixtures Lumen output by the dollars sold, if the Lumen per dollar is over 500lumens/dollar, then chances are there is some falsified information of the product and that it should be avoided.

Other tips will show on the next article.

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